Show Description

When twelve-year-old Nina wishes for a fairy godmother to help her become extraordinary, she's less than pleased when the only magic that appears is in the form of a lowly talking rat. Rattus transports her to a small, sealed-up tenement room on the Lower East Side.  All that remains of the tenants are layers and layers of wallpaper and paint clinging to the dingy walls.  There's nothing extraordinary here.  

Or is there?  

As Nina pulls down each layer of paper, she reveals a new story about the immigrants who found their home within the tired walls.  A German mother triumphs over the daily struggle to care for her family, an Irish father labors under the East River to help build the great Brooklyn Bridge, and a young Jewish woman risks everything to strike for her beliefs.  Two performers use puppetry, mask and music to share stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Ideal for ages 8 and up.

Currently in Creation



 Urban Stages' Outreach program includes residencies, summer camp and a robust roster of touring shows. 'Layer the Walls' is the fifth in a series of shows created for the Outreach program by collaborators Liz and Rachel.  





In Development with

New Victory LabWorks 

at The New Victory Theater in New York City

Creative Team

Rachel Sullivan and Liz Parker  

Co-creators/ Performers


Spica Wobbe

Puppetry and Mask Design


Vlada Yaneva

Original Music