Show Description

As a recent immigrant to New York City, twelve-year-old Nina desperately wants to find her role in this new country. She wants to do something extraordinary here to prove her place… but how?  Following the lead of a mysterious rat in her neighborhood, Nina finds herself in a small, sealed up tenement room on the Lower East Side.  All that remains of the tenants are layers and layers of wallpaper and paint clinging to the dingy walls.  There's nothing extraordinary here. Or is there? As Nina pulls down each layer of paper, she reveals a new story about the immigrants who found their home within the tired walls near the turn of the 20th century.  Puppetry, mask and music bring these historical stories to life, revealing Italian, Jewish and Irish immigrants sharing music, building bridges, creating new policies and showing Nina how to shape a new American identity.

Ideal for ages 8 and up.

Creation Generously Supported By:

                       2017 Family Grant Recipient

                       2017 Family Grant Recipient



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Creative Team

Rachel Sullivan and Liz Parker  

Co-creators/ Performers


Spica Wobbe

Puppetry and Mask Design


Vlada Yaneva

Original Music