Show Description

Forty layers! There are forty layers of wallpaper on the walls of an aging New York City tenement building. Forty layers were plastered to the walls by the hundreds of immigrant families who called this building home.   Each layer contains stories of everyday Italian, Jewish and Irish immigrants surviving storms, building bridges, creating new policies and shaping a new American identity.  The steady walls of this aging building  have been keeping these stories safe for over 100 years, but soon the building will be torn down. What will happen to these extraordinary stories of ordinary immigrants when the wrecking ball arrives? The building is determined to save the stories even if it can’t save itself.  Brought to life with puppetry, mask, live action and music.

Ideal for ages 7 and up.

Creation Generously Supported By:

                         2017 Family Grant Recipient

                       2017 Family Grant Recipient



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